Lincoln and Darwin:
Shared Visions of Race, Science, and Religion


James Lander

Courtesy of  the Library of Congress
Courtesy of  the Library of Congress

These pages provide a sampling of my research

which resulted in a 384-page volume

published by Southern Illinois University Press

in August 2010.

A collection of images and some primary sources which do not appear in the book are also supplied here.

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Endorsements of Lincoln and Darwin: Shared Visions of Race, Science and Religion:

“Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln had more in common than their birth on the same day. Both abhorred slavery, and their positions on race shared significant similarities. This stimulating book offers new insights on these two nineteenth-century giants whose legacy still shapes our world today.” 

—James M. McPherson, author of Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief

“A superbly sympathetic discussion of the core beliefs of two of the greatest minds of the nineteenth century, linked in their fight against the twin monsters of scientific racism and religious bigotry. In lucid prose and copious historical detail, Lander uses Darwin to shed light on Lincoln and Lincoln to shed light on Darwin. As Lander demonstrates, their humanity and intelligence shine forth even more brightly when seen in juxtaposition. A compelling book.”
—Christoph Irmscher, author of The Poetics of Natural History

Lincoln and Darwin is a seamless parallel examination of two great men whose complementary ideas changed the trajectory of human thought and fundamentally altered the course of history. This is an impressive book: accessible and readable, and yet so thoughtful and penetrating as to compel the reader periodically to close the cover and think about what it says.”
—Jason Emerson, author of Lincoln the Inventor

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