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1974     B.A.     (History and Classics) Loyola University of Los Angeles (with one year at University of

                          Durham, UK)

1975     M.A.    (Classics) University of Durham

1984     Ph.D.   (Archaeology) UCLA


1968-75       various part-time jobs to pay for education

1975-80       various jobs on archaeological excavations and in education

1980-85       teaching history at Harvard School [now Harvard-Westlake] in N. Hollywood, Calif.

1985-2014   teaching history at TASIS American School in Thorpe, Surrey.

2014-           working on a book about WWII, when I’m not gardening.

Dr. James Lander was born and raised in California but has spent most of his life in Britain.

He holds degrees from American and British universities in History, Classics and Archaeology, and has taught United States and European History at an American school in England for thirty years.

He has published works on archaeology and local history as well as articles in historical journals.

Photograph by John Smalley

Copies of A Walk through Historic Chertsey and Peter Labilliere,

available from the author at jlander909@gmail.com

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